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Horse Management is unique to Pony Club. It is taught, tested and judged at all levels of membership. It is part of our activities: mounted and unmounted meetings, certifications, rallies,  and Championships.

Why is learning about Horse Management important? Horse Management is about the care of the horse or pony. Learning how to groom, tack, feed, and to know when your pony is happy or not feeling well are all important skills that make you a well rounded horseman. Horse management begins at the D-1 level with knowing the parts of the horse, colors and markings, and safety. It continues through the H-A level where members safely teach others to enjoy horses. The Horse Management skills learned in Pony Club are tested at each certification level and judged at all rally competitions.

How is Horse Management judged at rallies? Whether a rally is a one day rally or an overnight rally, the care of the horse is the highest priority. There are required items that must be brought to a rally for both team and individual competitors. At each rally the Horse Management Judges work with members and teammates in the barns. The judges will handle all safety checks, required equipment checks as well as all other tack and horse inspections. They are present in the barn area to assist, share their knowledge and also asses the skills of members. They are looking at how well team members take care of their horses and that they are safe. For more information read the  Horse Management Handbook

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Test your knowledge on the rules and "how comes" for Horse Management at rallies by taking this quiz.

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